"Reliable ... reliable ... reliable!"
"Degen-Majka came through with flying colors. Practical solution to  spatial challenges, traffic patterns and layouts, demonstrating great  familiarity with a wide range of materials, accessories and  furnishings."
"They are always available and accessible for consultations, and tailor  projects to our budgets - not wedded to suppliers or contractors, always  seeking better solutions."
"Jeffrey and Gary listen. They are collaborative and flexible,  responsive to our desires and tastes, and do not impose their own style.  Unlike other designers, they have no attitude."

                                               - Mady Land and Allen Reid

"We  became very close with Jeffrey and Gary after our whole experience with  them. They designed our home ten years ago and oversaw total  construction, from beginning to the end. Now we are ready to expand with  additions and redesign, and look forward to partnering with them  again."
"Degen-Majka are : creative, balanced and innovative."
"They are not: Stodgy, rigid or locked into one style."
"They listen more than any other designers we have ever worked with, and took our needs and our tastes into consideration."
"What we love the most about working with Jeffrey and Gary is how fun they are. They are brave and bold."

                                      - Lynn Wille Fichman and Michael Fichman

"We  benefited from a fantastic personal rapport and working relationship  with Degen-Majka, unlike any other experience we've ever had with  designers."
"My fears about the redesign of our home via long-distance were assuaged  by the team's commitment to keeping me involved throughout every  detail."
"Jeffrey and Gary brought to life for me a whole new world of colors and textures I never have dreamed of before."
"Their ability to tackle architectural challenges with innovative  re-design - reallocating spaces, restructuring bad details, even  redesigning entrances to rooms and creating more space - made all the  difference in our new home. Bravo!"

                                                     - Paul Glieberman